HMD Global working on a new service

Not so long ago, HMD Global shut down its almost two-year-old service, HMD Connect. The main idea behind the service was to provide data plans to subscribers thus offering hassle-free connectivity in over 120 countries, and on over 600 networks around the world. Although the operators offering better roaming plans were probably the only ones to blame for the demise of this service, many thought it was a product of Florian Seiche leaving the company.

However, it looks like HMD Global is planning on introducing a new service according to the recent EUIPO application. The Finns are trying to trade mark something called “hmd solutions”. The application has been filed under the Goods and Services (9, 36, 38, 42) at the beginning of November, and it is currently being under examination. According to the specific sections covering the applications, this new service could be bringing or including software and applications for mobile devices, insurance services related to telephony products, telecommunication services and Software as a service [SaaS].

It seems to me that the new service will be a combination of new Circular and late HMD Connect. However, EUIPO isn’t offering much info, so as time goes by, we’ll be finding out more. Till then, fire away with your ideas of what this service could be about.