May 2019 security patch rolling out to Nokia 6 (2017) + NokiaMob update tracker announced

Nokia Mobile kicks off the week by starting the rollout of May update for the 2 year old Nokia 6. While the original Nokia 6 was announced at MWC17, the device went on sale during summer, so we are still not sure if Nokia Mobile will provide 2 years of updates or 3 years of (security) updates as is promised with Android One phones.


The new update for Nokia 6 just mentions the May 2019 security patch. The update is 334MB in size, which is a lot just for a security patch, so maybe there are some improvements on Nokia Mobile’s side as well. The “improvement” that didn’t happen is the return of the “Lift to check” gesture, which will hopefully be soon re-introduced to Nokia 6.

If you didn’t notice, we also made a separate section on NokiaMob related to updates. It can be accessed via the side widget if you’re on PC or below the articles on mobile or by opening “updates” in the menu. It’s basically a list of Nokia phones that got the update with a link to article for detailed info. You can check it out here. Nokia Mobile has its own separate update site.

If your Nokia 6 received the update, do leave a comment down below. 🙂