Nokia Mobile took advantage of the most expensive wall-taped banana

When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. In terms of Art Basel Miami, when life gives you a banana, you make a 120K worth taped banana art. This somewhat stupid performance was a great marketing opportunity that folks from Nokia Mobile took, and made an excellent promotion of Nokia brand and Nokia 8110 4G or the “banana” phone. It cost them one banana phone and a piece of duck tape, which is way less than the cost of the announcement event for Nokia 2.3. It would be much better to organize an event for the announcement of Nokia C1, whose main goal is to close the gap between feature and smart phones and move as many people as possible to the phones like 2.3, 3.2, 4.2 and so on.

Anyway, this social network promotional hit shows that there still are people in the Nokia Mobile that can see the opportunity and take it to smartly promote the Nokia brand. Moreover, Nokia itself gave kudos to Nokia Mobile over twitter.

Many companies are promoting their brand efficiently over social networks, which doesn’t cost as much as the organization of events, positioning ads in printed media and billboards for example. A great example is a company called dbrand that is massively using digital media to attract buyers. Even though their marketing is based on rough, or rude humor, it is working well. Nokia Mobile clearly can’t take the same approach, but the taped banana phone is a great example of how simple action on social networks can deliver a great marketing result. Cheers for that.


Thanks Deadpool for a reminder to push this 😉