Nokia Mobile Let’s talk Design event is today in India

Last month, Nokia Mobile asked the members of the Community Forum to describe what they value in regards to design on a mobile device for a chance to take part in a meetup on that topic. Nokia Mobile calls the meetup series “Let’s Talk” and the first event that will cover the design is happening today, on 9th November in India.




Nokia Mobile’s vice president and India country head Ajey Mehta and head of portfolio Pranav Shroff shared via Twittter images before the start of the meetup. The principle designer of Nokia 6.2 and Nokia 7.2 Miika Mahonen, who recently held a lengthy QnA on the Community Forums, is also there and he will be hearing from fans what they think the design of Nokia phones should look like in the future.

I hope some details about the conversations will be posted later online, so we all can see it. 🙂

Image credit: Ajey Mehta via Twitter.