HMD Global shutting down HMD Connect service

The Nokia Mobile world was shaken recently by the resignation of HMD Global CEO Florian Seiche. He was the CEO that brought back the Nokia brand to smartphones and tablets but also tried to make HMD Global more financially stable by introducing some new services like HMD Connect. This service enabled HMD to deliver data plans to subscribers thus offering hassle-free connectivity in over 120 countries, and on over 600 networks around the world. This service was announced back in 2020, just at the very beginning of the pandemic, however, the service just got discontinued.

HMD announced on the official page saying that new SIM cards will no longer be issued to new or existing customers after 15 November 2022. The service will be permanently discontinued after 15 December 2022. A refund will be offered to all the customers that haven’t used the data plan in full till that date.

With the resignation of the CEO, the management probably started rationalizing the current business model of HMD by discontinuing products that could potentially be distracting. This won’t probably affect the part of the company that is working with the Nokia phone, but some folks might be laid over or moved to another department inside the startup.


HMD Connect