Seven more Nokia phone variants emerge in two new certifications

Representational Image: Nokia X10

With a change in its overall naming scheme and a refreshed marketing slogan, Nokia Mobile also seems to be planning to launch its future phones, or at least the affordable ones, in quick succession. It has been just over one and a half months since HMD Global announced six smartphones, and now the company is determined to unveil as many as five more, including feature phones.

Two new certifications have revealed around seven unseen model numbers of the upcoming devices. Some three months ago, the Russian regulatory body certified a Nokia phone with the model number TA-1383. Yesterday, its name, Nokia C01 Plus, was revealed by a Russian distributor in its updated catalog. Now, another certification has uncovered the other model numbers of the said device, which are TA-1382, TA-1387, and TA-1391.

Nokia C01 Plus

Among these, TA-1391 is already registered in FCC’s portal in the US. Backed by Android 11 Go and an octa-core processor, Nokia C01 Plus will offer a 5.45-inch display fit in an 18:9 aspect ratio and a 3000 mAh battery. Russia will be getting the 1 GB RAM and 16 GB ROM (expandable up to 128 GB) variant. The smartphone might also head to Mexico.

Next up is a set of model numbers that includes TA-1375, TA-1376, TA-1378, TA-1381, TA-1384, TA-1385, and TA-1386. The devices have an input rating of 5 V, 550 mA (2.75 W) and thus belong to the category of feature phones. The certificate was issued by Intertek Testing Services (Singapore) on April 16 and was published a few days ago.

Nokia 105 4G/Nokia 110 4G

Recently, TA-1384 and TA-1385 were also certified by NBTC in Thailand (Via: LoveNokia). The Russian distributor reports that TA-1386 is Nokia 110 4G, and TA-1378 is Nokia 105 4G. That means the other model numbers also belong to these feature phones, but it is not known that which model belongs to which feature phone specifically.

So, that confirms a total of four new phones, namely, Nokia 105 4G, Nokia 110 4G, Nokia C01 Plus, and the Nokia C30, which can be expected soon. Nokibar claims that Nokia C20 Plus will also join in.

Compiled below is a list of all the unannounced model numbers that have emerged so far on the certification sites and retailer listings:

It is very clear that HMD Global is getting some kind of traction for its C series smartphones. However, is it the only segment where the company is experiencing such high demand? Nokia C series is not entitled to get any Android upgrade and that leaves only quarterly security patches for two years for the company, so that could also be a reason that Nokia Mobile is pushing so many C smartphones in such a short period.

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Via: Abhishek Yadav

Source: NBTC (TA-1384, TA-1385)