New Nokia LTE feature phones TA-1389 and TA-1373 certified in China

Classic smartphone users might not believe this, but there is still a need for regular, simple feature phones on the market. As I’m growing older, I’m getting tired of information bombardment and I know that a feature phone would make my weekends more peaceful, but I still can’t give up the modern life commodities that a smartphone is offering. But, some folks still rely a lot on calls and SMS messages, and they like a durable feature phone with a long-lasting battery and eventually a simple camera or without it.

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Nokia Mobile is still manufacturing good quality feature phones, and two new phones like I described before got certified in China. Nokia TA-1389 and Nokia TA-1373 just got certified by TENAA. Both phones share the body design but differ in colors of the polycarbonate shell, T9 keyboard design, and camera. Both are bringing LTE connectivity and support for VoLTE to the market.

Nokia TA-1389 is certified in red color but should be available in black and blue-green too. Its body is coming without any buttons on its sides, it doesn’t have a camera and the screen is a tiny 1.7 inch TFT display with a 128×160 pixel count. The phone dimensions are 121×50×14.4(mm,) and its weight is under 100 g, or 80.2 g to be exact. The phone will support the standard GSM, WCDMA, and LTE networking bands, and it will be powered by a 1020 mAh battery. The TA-1389 should be able to save up to 2000 contacts on its 128 MB internal memory, which you can expand with microSD cards up to 32 GB.

The Nokia TA-1373 is bringing the same body design, dimensions, and battery capacity, with slight differences in the looks of the T9 keyboard. This one should be available not just in blue, but in black and yellow color too. This phone is just slightly heavier (84.5 g) since it has a VGA camera at the back. TA-1373 is also featuring LTE connectivity among the standard GSM and WCDMA bands, which is cool and probably necessary now when 4G is becoming a standard in the networking business.

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These phones should be announced soon since they are already visible on TENAA pages, and I guess the full name could be the new Nokia 100 or something like that.

Source TENAA TA-1389 | TENAA TA-1373