What is new naming scheme bringing to Nokia Mobile?

Latest Nokia portfolio announced on LoveTrustKeep event

Nokia Mobile announced today six new smartphones but also the new naming scheme which might be bringing us back to the long gone roots. instead of numbers, Nokia Mobile will be using letters C, G and X so far to differentiate the products, and the numbers should point out to the price range and level of hardware specs put in the device.

So, the new X series will be showing the latest advancements in the smartphone industry, and, from the example of X20, we see the new SD480 5G chipset, FullHD+ screen, and pimped up main and selfie camera setup. Besides that, the X series Nokia phones should be getting 3 years of OS updates and standard monthly security updates. Also, Nokia Mobile bets on 2-day battery life as something that users of X20 or X series so far should appreciate the most.

The new G series should continue the current work of Nokia Mobile in general, by bringing Nokia smartphones that are bringing the proven technologies in the smartphone industry with 2 years of OS updates, 3 years of security updates and a 2 day battery life.

The C-series are going to be represented with the most affordable and durable smartphones which are aimed for the folks that are entering the smartphone world. Those devices will be bringing all day battery life, 2 years of quarterly security updates and tougher durability tests than the industry average which should make them last longer.

Ne naming scheme for Nokia smartphones

The question about the future development of the new series arises. I am wondering what name will more powerful future models carry. Is the successor of Nokia 9 going ti be crimsoned as Nokia X90? Are we ever going to see Snapdragon processors in the G series, and so on.

Nokia Mobile again pushed too many phones if you asked me, probably because many of those were planned before the new naming scheme was proposed. The better strategy would be to save up some resources spent of the development of numerous devices and concentrate them to fewer devices. The result would be better, and eventual sale losses would be lower.

For example, we have been discussing a lot about the camera setup on some of the latest Nokia devices. While we all do appreciate the versatility the ultrawide and macro camera add, considering their small resolution and fixed focus, we, and presumably many others, wouldn’t mind if Nokia Mobile had dropped them completely and invested the resources in something else. A single super powerful camera for example and good software to power it, maybe?

But, Nokia Mobile is not saving money like above mentioned, but also rather taking the same direction as Apple and Samsung, and earning profit by leaving 18W chargers out of the box on some markets for X10 and X20. So, everyone living in the EU won’t be getting a 18W charger.

I like the 3, 6 and 9 series and got quite used to it. I think that the current naming scheme is recognizable and pretty much already stuck with the users. The problem was with the announcement of too many phones with specs varying in little details and the devaluation of some models.

Maybe the future announcements will be bringing less devices that are more thought through, and will still be competitive enough on different markets. That way Nokia mobile can save up some costs spent on the development and invest rather in making the product more competitive on some markets by bundling it up with some official accessories.

It is to early to judge the new strategy, since the next step that will definitely define it enough, is still far away.

How do you like the new series approach? Do share your thoughts on this, and how would you do it?