Nokia Mobile’s eight new phone variants certified in Russia

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In about a month, Nokia Mobile has now received certifications for about sixteen new variants of its upcoming phones. It started with the TÜV certification of an unannounced Nokia smartphone having the variants TA-1334, TA-1338, TA-1346, and TA-1351. It will be coming with a 10 W power adaptor and was certified on January 25.

However, the Nokia TA-1334 was already certified in Russia back in September 2020. Then came another certification from TÜV of a new Nokia phone with the variants TA-1336, TA-1343, TA-1347, TA-1365, and TA-1372, on February 2, about which we do not know if it is a smartphone or a feature phone. Now, a mass certification has appeared in Russia.

A total of nine Nokia phone variants, of which eight are new, and their spare parts were registered on February 12 and certified on February 25 by the Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC). Here, the new Nokia phone variants are TA-1342, TA-1352, TA-1359, TA-1361, TA-1362, TA-1378, TA-1383, and TA-1386, while the Nokia TA-1336 was already mentioned in the TÜV certification dated February 2.

The EEC certifications do not reveal anything more than the model numbers, so everything else is left for guesswork. As per the last year’s battery certifications, there are at least two new smartphones in the pipeline for a sooner launch. Apart from that, a rumor says that the Nokia 3650 will be revived as a part of the Nokia Originals series.

Last year the MWC (Mobile World Congress) Barcelona was canceled, so Nokia Mobile went ahead with a pre-recorded virtual launch event in March. This year’s MWC will be an in-person event but scheduled to start on June 28. Nokia Mobile possibly would not want to wait for that long, so a launch event in March seems imminent.

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