Affordable new Nokia TA-1393 and TA-1395 certified by FCC

Nokia Mobile got the certificate for two new affordable Nokia smartphones. Actually, TA-1393 and TA-1395 are the variants of the same new Nokia smartphone. that will be coming with a removable battery. The device will support GSM, WCDMA, and LTE network bands.

It will also be coming with an FM radio but with an external antenna arrangement. That suggests the existence of a 3.5 mm headset jack since headphones will serve as a radio antenna. The label position diagram confirms that both devices will be having a removable battery since the label should be visible in the battery compartment. Funnily, FCC removed the Antenna location diagram which would usually reveal the dimensions of the device and sometimes its shape. Now we have an empty page there :).

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So, according to the latest certification, Nokia Mobile isn’t done with the announcement of some more affordable phones. Maybe instead of increasing the series numbers, we’ll be seeing new C series Nokia phone, maybe C5. However, if the phone is affordable and built well, there will be space for it on the market.

FCC TA-1393 | TA-1395