New Nokia phone variant TA-1366 certified by BIS in India

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Another Nokia phone with the model number TA-1366 was certified by BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) in India on April 1. It will be or is being manufactured or assembled by Padget Electronics, a subsidiary of Dixon Technologies, in its Noida facility.

The device might be a smartphone since the same manufacturer makes the Nokia 5.4 (TA-1325) and Nokia 3.4 (TA-1288) for the country as well. Also, this model number has appeared for the first time in any certification.

Below mentioned are the devices and the model numbers that have surfaced on certification or retailer sites, updated with the new ones that emerged in the last two weeks:

Not much time is left for any more devices to pop on the internet before the official launch on April 8. That means we are possibly heading for a launch of at least four smartphones, Nokia X20, Nokia G20, Nokia G10, and Nokia C20. Whereas the unnamed Nokia models might belong to the Nokia 3650 or some other feature phones, or even smartphones.

Also, we are assuming the revival of Nokia 3650 as a part of Nokia Originals series based on a rumor from Russia that arrived in February. After that, we did not hear anything about the device. So, the presence of the Nokia 3650 might not seem that solid as of now.

What do you think of the upcoming devices based on the details that we know so far? Do share with us in the comments section below.