Nokia 400 with Google Android for featurephones is still alive

Last time Nokia 400 was a news topic was in January 2020 when the phone got certified by the WiFi alliance. That certification revealed that the phone will be coming with a single 2.4 GHz WiFi frequency and will be running GAFP OS, or the Google Android for featurephones.

Now Hikari Calyx, the well known source of Nokia related news, confirmed that GAFP running Nokia feature phone with keypad exists and that will be made for Indian operator, and will be coming with a preinstalled Pay and TV app.

He also released the launcher of GAFP which will be having resolution of 240 by 320. Hikari suggests that the code name of this device could be Iron Patriot, but that info is still nowhere to be found or verified.

Nokia 400 which is also known as TA-1208 will be coming with a Unisoc SC9820e processor, 512MB RAM, and 4GB internal storage, which is a standard for a low end device. Hopefully, Google tweaked its featurephone Android to work well with this hardware.

The announcement date is still not known, but we’ll see if the device will be announced on April 8 event.