New Nokia device (TA1140) passed Bluetooth SIG certification process

Latest Bluetooth SIG certification of Nokia phones revealed a new one that is hiding behind the model number TA1140. This up to date unseen Nokia device will have BT 5.0 according to listings. That could mean that the device could be placed somewhere in the mid or upper part of the midrange Nokia devices. It is a lot of assumption to deduce from just one piece of info, but if we are anticipating Nokia 1, 3, 6 and 9 to be revealed at MWC19, this could only be Nokia 6.2 since we know the model numbers of the rest of devices.

The only strange thing about this is listing is that the model number was written without the dash. OK, now I’m nitpicking you think, but the last time that happened is with Nokia 3.1 Plus (TA1124) made for Cricket Wireless. Well, this doesn’t mean that we are not talking about the Nokia 6.2, but this could mean that HMD is maybe getting ready to try winning the US market by making Nokia 6.2 a Cricket Wireless special?

Anyway, the tension before the MWC is rather high and I might be talking (actually writing) gibberish :). We’ll know a lot more about the TA1140 device soon enough.


Source: Bluetooth SIG