Nokia Chronicles are back with 3 great episodes

What Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackson are to the movie industry, Adrian and Justin are definitely not to the smartphone industry, but are a two cool dudes. The Australian duo created the Nokia Chronicles during the pandemic, in which they interview, or rather casually talk to, some legends from the Nokia world.

I was pretty sad when the Aussies said last year that they won’t be bringing any more episodes of Nokia Chronicles. But as befits the gods of mischief, the Aussies brought season 3 of Nokia Chronicles.

The first episode

The first episode of the new season started with a prominent Nokia hero, Juha Alakarhu. If you don’t know who that is, let me just say PureView. Juha was one of the people responsible for developing the 41 MP sensor, first announced with the Nokia 808. Now Juha works at Axon, a company that makes handheld cameras. He’s still involved in imaging, but has so far left smartphone imaging behind.

Second episode

The second episode brings Andy Hagon, who you may know from Everything N9 and Nokia Innovation. He talked about his journey with Nokia and revealed that he really likes the Nokia N9.

Third episode

The last episode, which was recently released, was recorded with smartphone industry influencer Ben Wood. Interestingly, Ben recorded his episode on a small boat in an idyllic narrow canal in the British countryside. The 4G antenna mounted on the roof of a boat is classic Ben, but it helped him get a good broadcast signal. If you don’t know him, I’ll just say he helped open the Mobile Phone Museum and also works at CCS.

Thanks Adrian and Justin for not giving up and bringing back good old Nokia memories through Nokia Chronicles! Christmas came early 🙂