Nokia 400 4G ready for the announcement

Back in August Nokia TA-1208 got the certification from the WiFi Alliance. Back then the name of the device wasn’t revealed, but a new year passed and LoveNokia noticed that Nokia 400 4G name came out on the certificate. The specifications of the device didn’t change, and it is still some kind of feature phone with the software version similar to the 2720 Flip and Nokia 800 Tough. Even though it is classified as a smartphone in the certificate, the Nokia 400 4G is consistent with the naming used for Nokia 800 Tough, and the phone is coming with just 2.4G WiFi, so it is surely a feature phone. Nokia TA-1208 or Nokia 400 4G might be a cheaper version of the toughest Nokia ever (besides the 3310), which was launched back at IFA2019 event.

The interesting thing about this phone is the GAFP operating system which could indicate the some kind of Android OS for feature phones. Back in September 2019 a Nokia looking feature phone running Android emerged on Vimeo, and it was called Iron GAFP. Maybe this Nokia 400 might be bringing touchless UI of Android to the feature phone. Since Nokia Mobile is working closely with Google, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Android for feature phones being announced at MWC2020.

Anyway, TA-1208 also got certified by the BT SIG back in November 2019, so the device is most probably ready for the announcement, but MWC2020 seems like the perfect time for that.

via LoveNokia