Nokia 5.4 gaming, display and camera tests (by Ultra Value Tech)

The Ultra Value Tech YouTube channel did a few new videos after the unboxing and initial hands-on, where he compares the new Nokia 5.4 with the Nokia 3.4. These two phones might be similarly looking, but some hardware differences justify the price of the Nokia 5.4. Ultra Value Tech did a gaming comparison, a general comparison of the screens and camera test too.

I noticed that Nokia Mobile tuned the screen of Nokia 5.4 a bit better, and you can clearly see the difference there since the screen of 5.4 doesn’t have a yellowish tint on the white screen. Also, Nokia 5.4 does seem to perform a bit better due to the Snapdragon 662 processor, which is relatively new and better tuned than the Snapdragon 460. This processor will be more than OK for some casual gaming like playing Subway Surfers, Brawl Stars, or even a bit more demanding gaming like running Asphalt legends.

The 48 MP camera sensor used on the Nokia 5.4 will definitely make better shots than the 13MP camera of Nokia 3.4, which makes good shots only on bright sunny days. I believe that Nokia mobile reused the sensor from Nokia 7.2, which made that phone a decent shooter, and many will like that in Nokia 5.4.

From the photos shown in the video, you can clearly see that Nokia 5.4 will be making nice shots, but the same can’t be told for the 5MP wide camera and 2 MP macro camera. Anyway, the main camera is usually the most used on a smartphone, so it is better to have that one tuned well. Videos are not that stable like in the Nokia 8.3, even though Nokia 5.4 is packing some software features from the currently most expensive Nokia phone. But, videos are turning out well enough as seen in the demo.

Do check out the videos and tell us back what do you think of them.

Nokia 5.4 gaming performance

Nokia 5.4 vs Nokia 3.4 speed comparison


Nokia 5.4 vs Nokia 3.4 camera comparison

Cheers to Nitin for the tip 😉