Unboxing of a red Nokia 2720 Flip (Nokibar)

While you might be waiting for a new member of a Nokia Original series, here is the unboxing of a red Nokia 2720, which appeared just recently. Nokia 2720 Flip is the third phone from the Nokia Original series, which was launched back at IFA2019. The phone that runs KaiOS, came in black and gray color. Nokia Mobile introduced later a red version of 2720 Flip, and I must say it looks great. The red color is dominating the front flipped part and keyboard, while the back battery cover is coming in a shiny black plastic cover as in other color variants. The size of the phone is similar to the size of the old Nokia N93, which Nokibar displayed in the video, so it is not to be considered a small feature phone.
The unboxing is done by Nokibar in the Chinese language, and he is also comparing the KaiOS of Nokia 8110 4G and 2720 Flip. Do check the video below.

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