Nokia 2 now receiving security updates for March and April

Nokia 2 might be currently the oldest HMD’s Nokia phone whose kernel hasn’t been published on the Nokia Open Source page. That doesn’t mean HMD forgot about Nokia 2 since Security Patches are coming. HMD released the security patch update for Nokia 2, and the update is a bit different than all the others since March and April patches have been pushed together. That didn’t affect the size of the update which is just 91.4 MB.
If you check for the update available on your Nokia 2, you should get one :).

I know that monthly security updates sound good, but seeing the availability of the updates for some devices, it is obviously getting harder for HMD to maintain the release tempo of the security patches. I mean, they maybe shouldn’t be bothered if they skip one for a month or so, and just push the update when they get a chance to work on it. Some manufacturers don’t even push security patches regularly as HMD Global do and their users are still happy with their devices. This way they look sloppy and slow, rather than diligent. Maybe HMD should concentrate more power toward the development of Camera app or some other Nokia apps.


Source Nokiafanss