HMD patents the power button notification LED, as well as designs of Nokia 4.2 and 210

European Union’s Intellectual Property Office, or shorter EUIPO, granted design patents to HMD for two new Devices and a “part of the device”. If you followed Nokia Mobile at MWC, you might have noticed, that  besides the Nokia 9, HMD Global also announced other devices, like the Nokia 210 or smartphones Nokia 3.2, 4.2 and 1 Plus.

What’s interesting about Nokia 3.2 and 4.2, besides the good looks and low price, it the addition of a notification LED in the power button. It’s something new and useful we saw at MWC, especially on lower end device. Seems that HMD was aware that such feature might become Popular, so on 1st November 2018 they applied for a design patent for this solution, and on 7th March EUIPO granted it.

The design is classified under “mobile phones (part of)”, with the designer being Richard Choi. Mr. Choi is an award-winning designer working as Industrial design specialist at HMD Global in their London Office. He was also a senior designer at Nokia for 5 years, before the D&S sales to Microsoft. The patent’s design number is 005815131-0002.

Nokia 3.2 and 4.2

Under the design number 005815131-0001, HMD Global patented the design of Nokia 4.2 with the same submission and approval dates as the power-button patent, and with the same designer. Another patent EUIPO granted to HMD is the design patent for the new Nokia 210. It’s submitted under the design number 005832946-0001 on 23rd November 2018, and was approved and fully published on 6th March 2019.

Nokia 210

You check HMD’s whole portfolio at EUIPO here.