A new Nokia Originals phone might arrive sooner than expected

While we covered rumors that on MWC2020 we might see a new member of the Nokia Originals family of phones, that member might arrive sooner than February 24th, when the Congress kicks off. Nokia Mobile’s Chief Product Officer Juho Sarvikas teased the arrival of the new device via Twitter.


Mr. Sarvikas got a new pair of shoes that should be able to keep up with the intensive rhythm at CES and MWC events coming in January and February 2020. During these big events, people really make a lot of steps and everyone hits their daily steps goal. Apart from confirming that Nokia Mobile will be there at CES and MWC2020, the shared tweet also mentions a probable announcement of a new Nokia smart feature phone inspired by some well-known Nokia phone from the past. This phone might be announced before Chinese New Year (25th January), because Chinese New Year is one of the hashtags in the tweet.

I’m currently out of ideas what phone might be reincarnated, so do leave your guess in the comments down below, if you have any. 🙂