Video: Can Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus beat Nokia Lumia 1020?

Youtube channel WillItBeatNokia published another lovely done camera comparison video where it will try to answer again will the camera of DxOMark No1 phone beat the camera of Nokia Lumia 1020. So, this time the channel is comparing a legendary Nokia Lumia 1020 and Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus. This comparison (most probably?) came after the DxOMark published its review of Nokia 9 PureView where the latest PureView Nokia device got an average score. Note 10 is currently the best at DxO list of reviewed devices, and Nokia Lumia 1020 is way below 9 PV with just 41 points.

After seeing the video, or compared shots, I can say that old Lumia 1020 holds well against the latest flagship devices. The shots of Note 10, as well as shots of all new phones, are sharper but don’t look so real. On the other side, Lumia 1020 creates much softer and more eye pleasant photos.

We can say that the smartphone photography trend has changed and now people like more sharper shots like they used to like oversaturated ones back in 2013 when Lumia 1020 eas a smartphone photography God. Our Reader dOrso showed the same by comparing the shot taken by Nokia 808 PV and Nokia 9 PV where the shot from 9PV is much sharper, but not that eye-pleasing like the softer shot coming from 808 PV.

The only area of smartphone photography where older legends can’t meet the modern flagships is the Night or Low Light photography. So, there you have it, modern vs. the old one. Which one do you prefer?