Nokia 9 PureView camera mediocre according to DxOMark review

The unbelievable thing just happened. DxOMark just published its review of Nokia 9 PureView camera. DxOMark, if you don’t know, is a place where all the manufacturers that aim at having the best camera in the market, wants to get the review from experts working there. Well, it all sounds well but in the fast few years, they lost their credibility since some reviews were in favor of the others. Nokia fans don’t like DxOMark reviews because Nokia 808 is not where it should be, but DxOMark is saying that the times are changing and so does their reviews and older phones can have worst results than some average smartphones from Samsung or other top manufacturers.

Anyway, there is also a story that DxOMark wanted to do a funded review 9 PV and HMD refused, so we waited this long for it to be published. And, as some expected, 9 PV got 85 points which makes it the best Nokia device on their list, just one point better than Nokia 9, I mean Nokia 8 Sirocco.

The review is rather technical and you can read it quickly at their pages. Here is what they said about the Nokia 9 PV’s camera in case you don’t want to read the review.

“Achieving an overall DxOMark Mobile score of 85 points, the Nokia 9 PureView doesn’t deliver the results that many expected after the excitement surrounding its innovative multi-camera design. Its performance is similar to two-year-old models from other vendors, like the Apple iPhone 7 and LG V30.”


I agree about the video of Nokia 9 PV not delivering for the category. Actually, Nokia Mobile could invest a bit more in the camera software to make the overall Nokia 9 PV’s camera experience better.

“With the possible exception of its Bokeh capability, the Nokia 9 PureView doesn’t deliver either a Photo or Video performance on a par with other current model phones in its premium price range.”

They did say that Nokia did an excellent job with Adobe to give Lightroom Mobile support so people can play and maybe use the 9’s unique features.


Source: DxOmark