MOZO will make accessories for #Nokia devices, once again

Today we unfortunately learned that Nokia had put on hold its VR ambitions, citing slower growth in the VR market. But, as we lost OZO today, we also got MOZO, the Finnish accessory maker that announced that specially made covers are coming for the whole Nokia smartphone lineup of devices. In a Facebook post MOZO writes:

Good day, friends of Mozo! As you know Nokia is back?. To support our friends, we have designed beautiful, textured phone covers for your new Nokia devices. They look stylish and feel great in your hand. This one you will be holding on to longer!

Coming to our Webshop soon. Stay tuned!

Also, the MOZO webshop has a woman holding the Nokia 5 in a MOZO case as the FrontPage with the “coming soon” message.

In the Lumia era, MOZO was known for making good quality and attractive covers, especially when Microsoft announced they won’t produce accessories for Lumia devices, and left that job to MOZO. After ZEISS, it’s good to have MOZO back in the Nokia team. 🙂