GenZ using featurephones more to cut screen time

Digital Detox was a popular word combination at the beginning of the pandemic COVID -19. People were constantly bombarded with messages about the spread of the virus and sought refuge from all the notifications on their cell phones. Nokia phones were a popular choice at the time, and there was the option of using KaiOS if you couldn’t suddenly break away from WhatsApp.

According to Counterpoint, feature phones are very popular today and are sold mostly in the Middle East, Africa and India. The reason is the GenZ population (people born between 1997 and 2012). Apparently, zoomers are tired of screens and are trying to reduce screen time by using feature phones or colloquially, “dumb phones.”

Some feature phone influencers (yes, that profession apparently exists) predict that the feature phone market in the U.S. could grow by about 5% in the next few years thanks to the GenZ population. That’s definitely good for Nokia Mobile, which sold tens of thousands of Nokia feature phones (mostly flip phones) in 2022, and that trend could continue in 2023.