Demo of Nokia 9 PureView prototype with rear mounted fingerprint reader

Back in May the world saw the photos of Krand 9 PureView for the first time. Actually, that was the prototype of a device we know as Nokia 9 PureView that got announced at MWC2019 in Barcelona. Now Hikari Calyx, a Nokia fan from far east, is bringing another prototype of Krand, I mean Nokia 9 PureView, but with a fingerprint reader at its back. While the final version of Nokia 9 PureView looks gorgeous, later we found out that it would be better if Nokia mobile went with fingerprint reader at the back since the first versions of the under display fingerprint readers werent that reliable, and unfortunately, Nokia 9 PV got the first series. Anyways, Nokia 9 PureView is now yet another egendary Nokia device that brought computational photography to smartphones. It will probably be the last device to have that, but never say never.

The device you can see in the video is in black color with copper accented aluminum body which looks uber cool.

Do check out the video and tell us back how do you like Nokia 9 PV with rear mounted fingerprint reader. Maybe that would be one circle to many at the back, but would be more functional.


Cheers to all who tipped, you Rock 😉