Is this a new HMD phone which will be launched soon?

HMD Global is preparing to introduce its own HMD brand alongside the Nokia brand that the company has been using until now. Recently, an image of the alleged first HMD-branded phone has already leaked, but now HMD Global itself has added a new mysterious image to the website.

A new website about the HMD brand shows a photo of a woman sitting on a cyan-colored phone which looks more like some sort of 3D mockup than a real one. However, it may give a glimpse of what HMD may have planned.

Interestingly enough, the device has a design in the style of old Nokia Lumia phones, which was not seen HMD Global era. There is also a box-like camera area on the back, with three cameras and a flash. In addition, the camera area shows “108 MP OIS”, which refers to the device’s 108-megapixel optically stabilized camera. According to the picture, there is also an HMD logo on the back of the device.

At this point, it’s hard to say that this is actually a device that HMD plans to bring to market. It is possible that somewhere a similar phone will be seen under the HMD brand, but the previously leaked image is at least not the same.

The information page has appeared on too early, as there is also an embedded video that cannot be viewed yet. On the website, HMD Global says the company’s goal is simple: “we want to make phones that you want to commit to. Phones that are durable, fun, secure, fast and affordable. All of the above. The whole package. Real quality”.

HMD Global is expected to release the first of its own phones this year. More information is expected to be heard at the MWC fair in Barcelona at the end of February.

Just a small reminder that Nokia Mobile experimented with a 108 MP model a few years ago when developing the Nokia 9.3 PV model, as per some information. It could have been intended for a new midrange Nokia device, but considering Xiaomi, Redmi, and Realme have already had midrange devices with a 108 MP sensor for over a year, it might be preferable to leave it with HMD.


Source Suomimobiili