Nokia 5.3 (TA-1233) passed the FCC which revealed teardown internal photos

FCC granted a certificate to Nokia Mobile for Nokia 5.3, so this midrange smartphone is now ready for the US market. The certification process also revealed the teardown internal photos that show how neatly the internal components of 5.3 are packed inside its well-hidden aluminum body. This phone is also coming with back covered with a scratch-resistant glass that is glued for the internal plastic lid. After the back is taken off by a heat gun, the NFC circuit, the 4000 mAh LC-440U battery, and plastic protective lid are revealed. The battery is tightly glued for the aluminum frame, which means that it can be easily damaged in the removal process.

The motherboards of smartphones are becoming smaller and smaller these days, and so is the one of Nokia 5.3. The board has one extension at the bottom of the device for the USB-C connector. I like the way that the aluminum body is hidden behind the thermally shaped polycarbonate. Everything seems sturdy, and when assembled Nokia 5.3 could easily pass the JerryRigEverything bend test.

Nokia 5.3 still isn’t available in the US unlike Nokia 1.3, but hopefully, we’ll see it soon there.

Check the FCC certificate documents here.