Counterpoint Research: Nokia phones leading in software updates, security patches and build quality

Nokia has been connecting people by creating mobile phones and networking technologies for over two decades now. Nokia phones and technologies are not only synonyms for connection, but also durability and security. Networks are now doing great in the transition towards new networking standards, but phones are also coming back on track with some latest announcements. But, Nokia mobile has been in the game with smartphones since 2017, and the Nokia phones it created are mostly known to be nicely designed, durable, and safe. The proof of that can be found in the latest whitepaper released by Counterpoint Research, which is named “Nokia Phones Lead the Trust Rankings based on Software, Security Updates and Build Quality”. The paper is based on software, security updates, build quality, and devices recommended for both the general market and enterprises. Nokia phones, according to Counterpoint Research investigations of markets, are for the second consecutive year a leader among other manufacturers in providing the fastest software and security updates across its portfolio of general and enterprise recommended devices. Nokia and OnePlus managed to deliver all the major software updates and security patches to its pone portfolio, but Nokia did it for 20 of its smartphones. Samsung in od third place with some 89% of the portfolio brought to the latest Android version, which is Android 10.

Regarding the security patches, Nokia is the only manufacturer that was able to release all of the monthly software patches to its portfolio. One Plus is second, which is doing quite well, and Samsung is third with a lot of patches being released quarterly.

Counterpoint also revealed that Nokia phones are leading in the build quality, which is achieved through the application of tougher tests than the industry average. I must say that the current Nokia portfolio is sturdily built and that the smartphones can withstand unintentional and intentional drops on the floor. I had an opportunity to drop our 8.3 5G twice on the floor, and it didn’t get a scratch. Nokia 7.2 was flying also on hard concrete, and it just got some minor dents and scratches on polycarbonate sides.

While Nokia smartphones tend to really be among the first to get the latest software and security updates, there is a lot of bugs that can be found after the installation. But, unlike many others, Nokia Mobile tends to fix bugs as quickly as they can, and release the build update that makes the Nokia phone fly once again. Nokia 5.3 had that kind of problem, and the update was out in a matter of a month. Counterpoint Research white paper verifies that.

Nokia mobile is not ideal but does try to make Nokia phones better, even though exceptions can be named. How are your experiences?

Counterpoint research