Nokia mobile testing more than 10 Nokia 9.3 PV prototypes with MP counts between 20 and 108

Concept with bigger main camera sensor by Eero

The usually correct source of all things Nokia Mobile, Nokia Anew, is pretty active these days, and now is bringing more juicy details about the new version of Nokia 9 PureView. According to their sources, Nokia Mobile is playing with more than 10 prototypes of Nokia 9.3 PureView which is a common thing in the smartphone manufacturing process. The interesting part is that they are testing cameras with 20, 24 and 48 MP sensors for their computational photography.

Recently Nokia Anew tweeted that Nokia 9.3 will be coming witnOIS, but today they said that Nokia Mobile is still deciding whether they should use the 108 MP sensor from Samsung or a 64 MP sensor from Sony for the video shooting. They also mentioned that Juho Sarvikas is thinking of leaving just the 108 MP sensor and abandoning the computational photography that Nokia Mobile brought to the smartphone industry together with Anyway, the final version is soon to be ready, and probably the final tests that will give us the successor of the Nokia 9 PV.

The original Nokia 9 PV had its flaws but was something expected for the smartphone that is branded with a Nokia logo. It got us computational photography from light, that has its roots in Nokia’s and later Microsoft’s Devices and Services department. Nokia was working on the array camera setup, and Nokia 9 PureView is something close to that idea that put in focus the usage of multiple sensors to create super-sharp photos with the great field depth and rearrangeable focal points.

Whatever the choices regarding the MP count are, I think that Nokia Mobile should pursue the multiple-camera setup since that brings the uniqueness for their device on the market. They have time to do things right since the COVID-19 situation is slow the world down a bit.