Nokia bringing improved XR20 to Industrial device portfolio

Nokia adding the Nokia phone to its portfolio of rugged industrial Nokia devices may seem like a funny story. However, Nokia itself no longer manufactures phones. Instead, the Finns license their name to companies that are capable of manufacturing products that meet Nokia’s high standards. For this reason, the news that Nokia is adding an improved Nokia XR20 from HMD Global to its portfolio of rugged industrial devices is a reality.

If you thought Nokia Mobile had actually redesigned the Nokia XR20 for this reason, don’t be mistaken. The XR20 is being  ATEX, *IECEx, *NEC500 and *UL certified, which means that special requirements apply to its use in gas and oil drilling companies, as well as some chemical companies.

The industrial version of the XR20 is also equipped with applications from Nokia itself, such as Nokia Team Comms or Group Communications. These applications allow employees to interact easily via push-to-talk and video.

Actually, Nokia did brought Nokia XR20 to its portfolio of Industrial devices even before, in spring 2022, but now the XR20 has been improved with new apps and certificates.

Along with the XR20, Nokia has also introduced a private wireless industrial 5G field router that also has ATEX, IECEx and UL certifications.

These devices expand the portfolio of devices designed to provide reliable, secure connectivity to equipment and people in chemical, oil and gas, manufacturing and other hazardous industrial environments. All devices can use Nokia’s 4.9G and 5G private mobile networks.

Since Nokia holds a stake in HMD Global, using the XR20 seems like a logical choice. This device may not be perfect in all aspects, but it is HMD Global’s most versatile Nokia phone with the old Nokia values built into it. It is durable, full of hardware advantages, and has a decent camera and all connectivity options.

To make the XR20 even better, Nokia Mobile would just have to develop a rugged version of the Nokia X30 and add the letter R to the name (and put the camera module in the middle, for heaven’s sake).

Cheers to SirFaceFone for the tip 😉


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