Regarding Snapdragon 660 on 7.2, Nokia Mobile says that a smartphone is more than the sum of its parts

Nokia 7.2 will tomorrow go on sale in India, the most competitive smartphone market in the world and the only one of the big three (US, China) that is expected to see annual growth of smartphone shipments. On that highly competitive market, the recent Nokia midrange device comes with specifications that a lot of social media users describe as outdated.


In a response to a user commenting the price of the device in India considering it uses Snapdragon 660 as the SoC, Nokia Mobile India replied that they believe a smartphone is more than just a sum of their parts. Nokia Mobile also added that the Snapdragon 660 is highly optimized and the 7.2 will deliver a 2-day battery life.

We already saw the Snapdragon 660 on Nokia Mobile’s most popular device the Nokia 7 plus performing very well, and Nokia Mobile had two years to learn the ins and outs of the 660 mobile platform to ensure the best experience possible.

On an interesting site called, that our reader usernew54 pointed out, when comparing Snapdragon 660 and Snapragon 675 they both get the same result with not that big of a difference. I personally would like to see “newer” generation of Snapdragon processors on Nokia devices, but if the Snapdragon 660 provides a great user experience to Nokia 7.2 buyers and the device will continue to regularly receive updates in the next 3 years as promised, is the choice of SoC alone enough to discard the Nokia 7.2 as potentially good device?

The reviews of the 7.2 aren’t out yet, so we don’t know how the device behaves and is it worth the asked price for the group of people that are attracted to what Nokia 7.2 offers. This reminds me of when Nokia Lumia 830 was announced with the Snapdragon 400 and just a 1GB of RAM, but from personal experience I can tell that the device was awesome even though the hardware was not what the market expected at that time. Could Nokia 7.2 be the same case? We will know when the reviews come out.

Thanks MichaelsoftSirFaceFone for the tip. 🙂