Nokia XR20 is in Nokia’s Rugged Industrial Devices portfolio

Nokia might be far away from the consumer market but the company is still creating technologies that connect the world and help it act together. While the consumer market is financially exhausting for numerous manufacturers, others like Nokia are trying to be present on the market through licensing deals. However, Nokia is still making some kind of consumer markets that makes us think the company is returning to the phone business.

Last year Nokia announced it would be making rugged industrial devices that are capable of connecting to 4G and 5G networks. The user equipment includes rugged work pads, handheld devices and smartphones with push-talk and video capabilities, field routers, fixed access antennas, and more. The devices passed FCC certification later that year.

You might have noticed the word rugged smartphone, and yes, it is true. Nokia is offering a 5G capable rugged smartphone as part of its industrial devices portfolio. The smartphone is also known as Nokia XR20 and it is designed and manufactured by the licensee of the Nokia logo, HMD Global.

The deal wasn’t announced officially and I learned about it through the promotional video for Nokia’s Industrial devices bring value beyond connectivity

So, Nokia seems to have struck a deal to use a device that is available globally and well recognized. XR20 is an excellent product and now I understand why it includes wireless charging, a barometer, Gorilla Victus glass, and a good main camera. Probably Nokia asked for such a versatile device that could be offered to customers that need a well-rounded portfolio of rugged devices.

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