Xiaomi patented a modern version of Nokia N90

Back in 2005, Nokia launched a Nokia N90 smartphone, which was the ultimate smartphone of the days. The device was a Symbian running flip phone, but not a regular one like many others back then. The display could be rotated when flipped open, and so could be 2 MP camera with Zeiss lenses. The end result was a camcorder-looking device, which was cool for 2005. Since that phone design happened 15 years ago, Xiaomi thought that it was a distant history and people will forget about the Nokia N90, so they patented the design of a flip phone with a rotatable camera module again. Their device is also a flip phone with the main camera module that could be rotated and used also as a selfie when the device is folded or unfolded.

I don’t know if this device will ever see the light of a day, but it is nice to see that Nokia Mobile isn’t the only company that is searching for design ideas in the vast and rich history of Nokia’s Devices and Services department.