Nokia phones to be manufactured in Egypt

Nokia Mobile, the caretaker of the Nokia brand for mobile phones, tablets and some accessories, has signed a contract with Egypt’s Etisalat for Advanced Industries (EAI) to produce one million cell phones, including feature phones and smartphones. Production is expected to begin this year and double in the coming period.

The agreement was signed by Tamer El-Gamal, General Manager of HMD in Egypt, and Ahmed Abu Auf, Managing Director of Etisal Advanced Industries, EAI, in the presence of numerous representatives from HMD Global, Etisal for Advanced Industries, EAI and the Egyptian Ministry of Communications and Information Technology.

This deal will help Egypt create specialized jobs for young people in the field of information technology and electronics, and HMD Global will provide its expertise, equipment and know-how to help this process. So in the near future, we should see Nokia phones manufactured to HMD Global OY international quality specifications, including electronic components, assembly, packaging and testing, which are fully equivalent to international products in quality and efficiency, thus achieving Egypt’s strategy in its quest to localize the technology industry. This should make Egypt a regional center for the advanced cell phone industry and help HMD Global more easily distribute its phones to neighbouring markets.

Nokia Mobile has started to move production of cell mobile phones from Asian countries to the West. This is definitely a wise decision, not only because of recent geopolitical developments but also because it will greatly simplify logistics and probably lower the costs of transport. Also, this reminds me of the old Nokia which used to have mobile phone factories all around the world to reach quickly all the markets of interest.

So, the Nokia phones are now not only made in China but now in Vietnam, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Brazil, and soon in Egypt. The only ingredient missing here is a manufacturing plant based somewhere in Europe and maybe one in Salo (you know where all the best Nokia phones were produced) :).



Thanks to HotLain and SirFaceFone for the tips and links 😉