Video: How Nokia N8 was assembled in Salo, Finland a decade ago

Finnish City of Salo posted on their YouTube channel an interesting video from the electronics museum of that city, demonstrating the assembly of the iconic Symbian^3 flagship Nokia N8 – that was also famous as the first modern cameraphone and is remembered as the predecessor of the Nokia 808 PureView, the last Symbian flagship.

On the video we have Markku Eriksson, a former Nokia phone assembly trainer, showing us in the year of 2021 how the Nokia N8 was assembled in Salo roughly a decade ago. The video is in Finnish and doesn’t have subtitles as of the moment of writing of this article, but it is still interesting to watch how all pieces fit together to create a truly beautiful and solid smartphone as Nokia N8 was. Take a look down below.


I imagine the smartphone assembly process today is much more streamlined with more automation and more integrated components. It’s also from an European perspective sad that all smartphone manufacturing moved to Asia because of lower labor cost and better supply chains.

From the video the assembly of N8 also looks like very therapeutic activity and maybe the City of Salo can partner with Nokia or HMD and offer the museum visitors the activity of assembling popular Nokia phones. Might not be real device, but models made for that purpose, but I would still want to experience something like that. Not only would it be educational as it is guided by some assembly professional (I assume), it might be fun as well. 🙂

Leave your thoughts in the comments down below. 🙂