Next Google Pixel phone will be assembled in the ex-Nokia factory in Vietnam

Bac Ninh factory

Who would have thought that Nokia will manufacture Google’s Pixel phones? Well, that will happen, in a way, indirectly. The next version of Pixel phones will be manufactured in Nokia’s ex-factory situated in Bac Ninh, Vietnam. That is the same factory that Microsoft acquired from Nokia when Finns sold their Devices and Services department and where Nokia Lumia 530 and 630 were manufactured. The factory is now owned by Foxconn which is assembling phones for numerous brands, and Google Pixel is one among them. Google decided to move the production of his phone outside of China to avoid potential restrictions that could arise from Trump-China trade war.

Nokia built the place in 2012, and the factory become operational in early 2013. Microsoft took the place in 2014, and when HMD started bringing the Nokia brand back to life, most of the mobile manufacturing plants were sold to FIH, which is a company owned by Foxconn. So, there is a bit of Nokia in the next Google Pixel phone :). Definitely it is not the design.