Nokia Mobile starts exporting Make-In-India phones

Nokia was and still is popular in India, and the Indian market is rather important for Nokia Mobile since a lot of current and potential new users are based there. Nokia Mobile put a great effort into that large market and one of its plans was to start manufacturing phones there by recruiting Indian ODMs (original design manufacturers) and various EMS (electronic manufacturing solution) partners.

HMD Global Vice President (India and MENA) Sanmeet Singh Kochhar announced that Nokia Mobile has just started exporting devices made in India. Up until now, Nokia Mobile has been manufacturing devices in India just to satisfy the demands of the local market. The first device being exported is Nokia 105 and it will be heading to UAE. This phone, which is one of the most popular feature phones in the world, is made in a partner factory in Sriperumbudur in Tamil Nadu.

Since the world saw that having just one country serve as a manufacturing plant is not the most reliable thing to do, starting manufacturing plants in other countries, especially India, is strategically important not just for India, but for the world. Capitalism doesn’t realize well that having plants distributed equally around the world is actually good for keeping the process alive and working well. China-US trade dispute and COVID pandemics thought us something we knew for centuries that you can never rely on just one source.

Besides being focused on manufacturing and exporting phones from India, Nokia Mobile is planning on bringing its wireless audio products and affordable Nokia T20 tablet more into the focus of people in India. While it is good to expand the portfolio and ecosystem with tablets and audio accessories, Nokia Mobile still has a lot of work to do to improve not only the smartphone offering but also the customer support and stores in India. Since BT connectivity is more reliable and phones are better protected against splashes with fewer holes like the 3.5 mm port, focusing on wireless audio accessories is proving to be a good thing.

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