Nokia Mobile to bring back Nokia 5710 XA, Nokia 8210 4G, and Nokia 2660 Flip

Nokia 5700/5710 XpressMusic, Nokia 8210, Nokia 2660
Nokia 5710 XpressMusic (2009), Nokia 8210 (1999), Nokia 2660 (2007)

In the big screen category, Nokia Mobile is pepping up to unveil the Nokia G11 Plus and Nokia T10, if not any X series device. Now, accompanying that lineup could be the new flag bearers of the Originals series and 2G feature phone(s). Several new retailer listings and certifications reveal that three Nokia Originals phones, namely, Nokia 5710 XA, Nokia 8210 4G, and Nokia 2660 Flip, are in the queue for a sooner launch. Interestingly, one of these phones was never released by Nokia back in the day.

Nokia 5710 XA (TA-1498)

As far as I could find, the Nokia 5710 did leak a few times, including once on Nokia’s official site. The device was supposed to be Nokia 5700 XpressMusic’s successor. One of the main highlights of both phones was the swiveling keyboard, which could be twisted 360° and rested at four different positions linked with specific functions. Apart from the numeric keyboard facing forward, the other modes were as follows:

  • The camera facing forward or backward would trigger the camera application to open with the view of the facing side.
  • Music playback controls facing forward would start the music player.
Nokia 5700 XpressMusic (2007) keyboard positions

I wonder if HMD Global had any access to the unreleased Nokia 5710 as a reference while conceptualizing the new version or if they used the Nokia 5700. Also, it is yet to be seen if this new version will even have the same design language or not. Anyways, an Australian retailer has listed the dual SIM variant of the upcoming Nokia 5710 XA with the model number TA-1498 in Black and White colours for AU$149 ($104, €99, ₹8125).

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Given the price, it will be surprising if the phone doesn’t support 4G. In 2020, Nokia Mobile reimagined 2007’s Nokia 5310 XpressMusic, but it was not branded as an XpressMusic edition because the trademark patent (expired in 2017/2018) was not with HMD Global but Microsoft Mobile. So it will be interesting to see what XA stands for in the name.

Nokia 8210 4G

Next up is a phone from 1999 called the Nokia 8210. It was the “smallest and lightest Nokia” phone of its time and came with “six differently coloured Xpress-on” back covers. Currently, the trademark patent of “XPRESS-ON” is with HMD Global, but the company has made such covers available only for the Nokia 1 and Nokia 2.2 till now.

Unlike the modernized Nokia 6310, which only supported 2G, the new Nokia 8210 will support 4G and come in Blue, Red, and Sand colours, as per the same Australian retailer. The dual SIM variant will cost around AU$119 ($83, €79, ₹6490).

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Nokia 2660 Flip 4G

Earlier this year, Nokia Mobile announced its second flip phone, the Nokia 2760 Flip, which remains exclusive to the US. However, the company has another flip phone coming for the global markets. The device, already certified by EMT and FCC last month, will be marketed as the Nokia 2660 Flip, as per a new certification.

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With the model numbers TA-1469, TA-1474, and TA-1480, the Nokia 2660 Flip is a 4G phone powered by a 1450 mAh battery that will charge using a 5 V, 0.55 A rated adapter. It will come in Blue and Black colours, as per a retailer in the UK.

The only differences between the 2007’s Nokia 2660 and Nokia 2760 were the presence of a camera, a bit better display, and more internal storage in the Nokia 2760. Similarly, the new Nokia 2660 Flip might incorporate a lot of things from the Nokia 2760 Flip and will possibly operate on KaiOS 3.

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Nokia 2760 Flip

2G Feature Phone(s)

Apart from that, some variants of 2G feature phone(s) also appeared in certifications, with the model numbers TA-1459 and TA-1473 grouped together, while there’s a separate certification mentioning TA-1467. All the variants will be capable of getting charged at a rate of 5 V, 0.55 A (2.75 W).

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That leaves us with only the Nokia X series phones that we haven’t heard anything about from the official certifications or the retailer sites yet, but some rumors are floating around. Given that the last generation arrived more than 14 months ago, the arrival of the new X series devices is long overdue.