Grab the Nokia 8.3 5G for just 249 euro in Finland

Finnish retailer Gigantti is offering the Nokia 8.3 5G at an attracting price. The Nokia 8.3 5G was announced a year ago as an “affordable 5G flagship”, using the Snapdragon 765G platform and being the central figure in the new James Bond movie marketing campaign, that has been perpetually delayed.

The device hit the market in late summer last year, if my memory is correct, priced at around 600 euro for the 64GB version. A year from the announcement, Gigantti is offering the device for just 249 euro for the 64GB version or 299 euro for the 128GB version, as part of a promotion for Gigantti club members. The regular price of the device is 379 euro for the 64GB version and 429 euro for the 128GB version, which is also significantly lower from the 600 euro price tag Nokia Mobile put on the 8.3 5G during the announcement.

If you live in Finland and want the 8.3 5G, head to GIgantti because this might be an excellent oopportunity to buy it.