New affordable Nokia phones, tablet and buds coming soon

Nokia Mobile has been pretty active in certifying new devices through FCC during May. According to the numerous leaks and information coming from the released documents, Nokia Mobile is ready to announce new affordable G series phones G21 and G11 Plus, as well as an even more budget-friendly Nokia T10 tablet a.k.a. Nokia Penguin, a few buds and feature phone.

When people hear affordable or budget friendly they turn their heads to other brands, but those devices are not so incapable as they where a few years ago. Now a sub 100€ device is a decent device with a nicely designed and durable body, large display with 90HZ refresh rate, 50 MP camera and good battery life.

Nokia Mobile is planning to do the same or similar with G11 Plus smartphone, and there is even more affordable T10 tablet. The exact announcement dates are not known, but the  Confidentiality Cover Letter released by FCC suggests the announcement date of June 24. However, released FCC documents usually don’t reveal the announcement dates since the organisation of the announcement can be tricky and postponed.

Besides new affordable smartphones and tablet, Nokia Mobile is also working on a new feature phone TA-1469. This phone will be a 4G phone with 1450mAh battery. Maybe this phone is going to be similar to the Nokia 2760 which was just recently announced in the US market.


What ever it is, interesting or not for the masses, new Nokia phones and accessories are incoming.


A new 4g flip: