Nokia X20 and Nokia X10 might finally launch in India

Nokia X20

Latterly, HMD Global released four new Nokia phones back to back in the span of seven days. It pretty much tells that there is nothing amiss with the global launch plans or even local launches in some countries. However, when it comes to India, Nokia Mobile likes to take its own sweet time. The company is yet to bring any of the smartphones that are cladded with the new naming scheme. It is most probably because the production in India starts much after the global production begins.

Anyway, we will not go any deeper into analysing the reasons behind the delays in availability since today’s post has a different theme. More than a month ago, BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) revealed that the Nokia G20 (TA-1365), Nokia G10 (TA-1334), Nokia 110 4G (TA-1373), and an unannounced smartphone with the model number TA-1366 are definitely heading to India.

Now, there is an unfamous section on Nokia Mobile’s website, which is the page where the company details the SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) information for most of its phones. Surprisingly, selecting India in the country dropdown menu also shows the new X series devices alongside the G series ones in the device model list. It also displays the SAR details that comply with the requirements of the India Department of Telecommunications.

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How does that hint/confirm the launch of the Nokia X series in India? Firstly, the page lists only those devices that are available in India. For example, there is no mention of the Nokia 8.3 5G since Nokia Mobile skipped the device in the country. Secondly, it rightly mentions the model numbers of the Nokia G20 (TA-1365) and Nokia G10 (TA-1334) that are registered on the BIS database.

Hence, as per the page, TA-1341 of Nokia X20 and TA-1332 of Nokia X10 might be available in India. The Nokia C20 (TA-1352) is also listed in the Indian section. The launch may not happen that soon since the devices are not yet registered on BIS. As always, pricing will be very crucial for both Nokia X20 and Nokia X10 in the country.

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Currently, UAE has one of the lowest (official) prices of the Nokia X20 (8/128 GB), i.e., AED 1199 (₹24200, €275, $326) and Nokia X10 (6/128 GB), i.e., AED 999 (₹20170, €229, $272). The costs might be similar, but its better not to get our hopes up. Nevertheless, Nokia Mobile will finally have something to offer in the price segment above ₹15500, since the last was the Nokia 7.2. Hopefully, they will have an accompanying (and a proper) marketing campaign for the devices in India other than that sustainability thing.

On a side note, the Russian social handle of the company likes to call the Nokia X20 and Nokia X10 the successors of Nokia 7.2 and Nokia 6.2. However, Nokia Mobile still requires another device to bridge the huge gap between the Nokia X10 and Nokia 5.4.

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Source: Nokia Mobile