New Nokia set-top box leaked on Nokia support page before an official launch

In about a year and a half, the Nokia brand has been able to increase its footprint in different product segments because of its brand licensing deals. Streaming devices is one of such product segments.

The first Nokia streaming device called the Nokia Media Streamer, was launched by Flipkart in India in 2019. Then came the Nokia Streaming Box 8000 by StreamView in Europe last year. Both the devices run on Android TV OS and do their job of converting a normal TV to a smart TV pretty well.

However, the support page on Nokia now has separate sections for streaming devices and set-top boxes (STBs). On checking the elements, it seems that Nokia created a dedicated section for STBs this month. There is also a picture of the new set-top box. Those boxes are used for cable TV connections.

At first, it might look similar to the Nokia Streaming Box 8000, but there are small differences. The two ports at the back that have their ends outside the set-top box body are not there on the Streaming Box 8000.

The navigation buttons on the current Nokia remote controls (RC) by StreamView are in white, but the ones shown for the set-top box RC are in black. Some buttons like the Netflix, YouTube, Prime Video, Google Play, or the Google Assistant button are missing, which means that this set-top box will not support Android TV OS, but it is probably meant for terrestrial antenna, satellite, or cable-based connections.

Since it shares its design with the Streaming Box 8000, it seems like StreamView is the one behind this new Nokia set-top box as well. The Nokia Streaming Box 8000 runs on Android TV 10 and has good connectivity options, but its cost is on the higher side, i.e., it retails for €99.9 (₹8760, $120).

So, the lack of Android TV OS will help StreamView keep the cost of the Nokia set-top box on the lower side. Since the support page was updated with the new section this month, there are chances that StreamView might make the announcement for the new Nokia set-top box in February itself.

Although StreamView has Nokia’s license to sell its products in Middle East and Africa, it is currently functional only in Europe.

Feel free to share your views in the comments section below. Also, folks from Europe, do share your thoughts about the demand for normal/standard set-top boxes (STBs) in the Europe, especially when the market for OTT based STBs is on the rise?