Nokia enhance power efficiency of AirScale by 30%

The energy costs of the networks are quite high and can account for about half of the operators’ costs. The radio access network, or RAN, consumes about 80 percent of the total energy used by mobile networks.

As wireless traffic grows exponentially, energy consumption increases, driving up costs and ultimately the price of your operator fees. Traditional indoor radio sites consume a lot of energy for the fans that cool the systems, and the rest is needed for cooling systems, lighting and other power supplies.

Nokia has redesigned its radio site solutions to minimize this energy consumption, which greatly benefits operators as they can lower their energy costs and reduce their environmental footprint. Nokia’s portable all-in-one outdoor solution is suitable for all deployment scenarios, saving time, cost and energy. Nokia has been doing this for quite some time now and their radios are getting better and better in energy consumption with time.

Nokia’s new energy solutions are capable of reducing overall site energy consumption by up to 30 percent and cooling power consumption by 60 to 99 percent. In addition, installation time has been reduced and maintenance simplified. Nokia also developed the NetAct network management solution for power system control. This rectifier combines 6 kW of power with 97 percent efficiency.

Companies today are changing the way they operate. As they focus on the bottom line, they can invest a little time and resources to make the bottom line last longer and become a little more environmentally friendly. Nokia has set a goal to make its business sustainable and reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 50% between 2019 and 2030. Nokia is making this happen by making its technology used in various solutions energy efficient, contributing to the climate and environmental goals of its mobile operator partners.

The new rebranding fits well with Nokia’s efforts to make its global footprint a little different, to connect themselves, ourselves and other manufacturers with nature, and to make this civilization sustainable.


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