Basic info about the Nokia Mobile #LoveTrustKeep announcement event

Nokia Mobile will be announcing new phones tomorrow, exactly when NokiaMob is celebrating its ninth birthday. According to the gathered leaked info and released various government certificates, there should be at least four new Nokia phones coming, Nokia X20, Nokia G10, Nokia G20, and Nokia C20, and one new audio accessory Nokia BH-205.

It seems that Nokia Mobile is also changing the naming scheme for its mobile phones, with letters as a differentiator of the series, but it is better to wait till tomorrow when all the details will be shared.

Another thing that Nokia Mobile will be changing is the top management since Juho Sarvikas recently announced that he will be leaving the Finnish startup. Some thought that the #LoveTrustKeep event will be his last one as the CPO of the company, but it seems that Juho has left the brand already after the announcement that Qualcomm is his new team.

Juho, or should I say Quho once again, changed the brand colors quickly on his Twitter account, but Nokia Mobile was also quick in removing him from the leadership team on the official website.

Anyways, you’ll be able to follow the event over the official Nokia website since the announcement will be streamed live. The event is starting at 16:00 CET, which is 15:00 BST or just check the worldclock page to find the exact event starting time in your region, and it should be over in some 30 minutes or so.

Are you going to be watching it live?