Nokia 5, Nokia 3.2, Nokia 4.2 and 8.3 5G receiving October security patch update

Nokia Mobile released the October security patch update for many of its smartphones. Nokia 5, together with Nokia 3 and 6, is receiving its probably final quarterly update which is somewhere over a 1 GB large. We here in Europe still didn’t get the update, but the size might vary on markets, do don’t get surprised if it is large. Do report back if you got it and where, and also if you are still using Nokia 5, which is one of the most beautiful phones that Nokia mobile released.

Nokia 3.2, Nokia 4.2, and Nokia 8.3 5G are finally getting their security patches for October. The update for Nokia 3.2 isjust15.22MB in size, The update of Nokia 4,2 15.53 MB and the update of Nokia 8.3 5G is 5.68 MB in size. So, those devices just received the monthly dose of small security patches and are now secure.

If you received the security patches, share that with the rest of the users and fans.


Thanks all for the tips and screenshots! Cheers!