4GB and 6GB RAM version of Nokia 5.3 could be available in India

Nokia 5.3 might not be the best smartphone in the world, but it is a rather good affordable midranger that will find its way to customers. If you check its specs, you can see that you are getting a smartphone with a relatively fast processor, capable main camera and good battery life. Nokia Mobile is planning on launching this sub €200 phone in India soon, and the good thing about India’s offer is that 5.3 will be available with 4GB or 6GB of RAM. This is a slight change since the older version of the official Nokia 5.3 page for India was showing a 3GB version would also be available there.

Our own 5.3 is coming with 4GB of LPDDR4 RAM, and that is more than enough to make the usage smooth as butter. The price of those the memory variants will be different, so 4GB of RAM, which will probably be cheaper, will do you well. Anyway, more details will be revealed after the prie-briefing, which is usually organized a few days before the launch event.

Source Nokia (WayBackMachine) / Nokia