Nokia X20 India launch confirmed? Added to India’s CEIR database

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After one year, or six months (if you consider the availability announcement of Nokia 8.3 5G in September), Nokia Mobile is gearing up to launch its second smartphone with 5G support, the Nokia X20.

As per Geekbench, the device will have 6 GB RAM, runs on Android 11 starting from the initial boot-up, and is powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 480 5G processor, while the base frequency stands at 1.8 GHz. Then the Russian listings revealed that there is also another variant with 8 GB RAM and 128 GB ROM in blue color.

And so far, the device has been certified in Russia and the US. While the device first appeared on FCC, it also appeared in India’s CEIR (Central Equipment Identity Register) database. A total of five IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) codes belonging to Nokia X20 (TA-1341) have been registered in the database.

Nokia X20 (TA-1341) in India’s CEIR Database

Does that confirm the launch of the Nokia X20 in India? Not necessarily!

Firstly, a CEIR is a database that is used to store the unique codes, like IMEIs and MEIDs (Mobile Equipment Identifier). These codes are allotted to each SIM card slot in a device. A country can have its own CEIR or use the one developed by GSM Association.

It is mainly used for blacklisting the IMEIs of stolen devices, decreasing the number of fake devices with modified IMEIs, and reducing the illegal imports of devices. So, a CEIR of a country might also have the IMEIs of devices that are not sold there.

That is because if you go to some other country, then you will be able to use the sevices of a telecom operator there. For example, the IMEIs of US exclusives like Nokia 2 V Tella (TA-1231) and Nokia C2 Tennen (TA-1226) are present in Indian CEIR. And so is that of Nokia 8.3 5G (TA-1243), which never came to India.

Nokia 8.3 5G and US exclusive Nokia 2 V Tella and Nokia C2 Tennen

However, Nokia X20 might very well make its way to India. Last year, HMD Global’s executives in most of their Indian interviews mentioned the company’s plans of bringing affordable 5G Nokia smartphones to the country. And Nokia X20 seems to be one of those devices. So, the interviews are a better source for that than the appearance of the Nokia X20 in India’s CEIR database.