Nokia 9 PureView clear case up on official site, as well as wireless chargers DT-10W and DT-500

Some new accessories for the new Nokia 9 PureView went live on Nokia Mobile’s official website. There is still a long way to go to match the offering of Nokia Lumia accessories back in the days, but it’s moving in a good direction. Because of the Qi wireless charging on Nokia 9, HMD introduced two new wireless chargers, of which one is a portable, and the Nokia Clear Case, that is available for (almost) every Nokia phone, got its version for the 9.

The Nokia Clear Case for Nokia 9 PureView looks interesting because of the camera holes, even though many cases with the Nokia 9 holes appeared even before the phone was announced.

We already went hands on with the DT-10W wireless charger, but the charger we couldn’t find was the Nokia DT-500. The DT-5000 features a built-in 4520mAh battery, so you can charge your phone wirelessly one and a half times if there is no power source. That should come in handy during blackouts. The output is 5W, so kinda slow, probably to keep the phone from overheating and the battery inside the charger from faster degrading. Faster chargers would be something HMD should do, considering the competitions is 18W wirelessly, and over 40W via cable.

The thing we now need from HMD is availability and prices for the new accessories. Also, including Qi wireless charging on more phones will help sell the wireless chargers, so hopefully from a future Nokia 6.2 upwards everything will have wireless charging.

Nokia: Clear case, DT-10W, DT-500