New Nokia device, possibly Nokia 1 Plus, (TA-1130, TA-1111, TA-1123, TA-1127) passed the FCC test

A new Nokia smartphone just passed the tests of the FCC agency. The models tested are for EU and LTA markets, and we’ll see a Dual-SIM (TA-1130, TA-1111) and Single-SIM (TA-1123, TA-1127) variants of the device.

The released documents revealed the shape of the device which resembles the Nokia 1 Plus whose render was leaked recently. Also, documents showed that the device will have removable Li-ion battery of 2500 mAh capacity which is common for the low-end devices. I couldn’t find the type of BT supported, and it seems that the device won’t support the NFC. Anyway, if we complete the previously leaked hardware specs with this one, we get a nice picture of the device.

Possible hardware specs of Nokia 1 Plus:
Model number: TA-1130, TA-1111, TA-1123, TA-1127
Screen: 5 inch, 480×960 pixel
Processor: MediaTek MT6739WW, quadcore, Cortex-A53(15 Mhz)
Memory: 1GB RAM/MicroSD support
Battery: Li-Ion 2500 mAh
Connectivity: GSM, LTE, WiFi, BT

If you take the graphic from the manual and specs into account, and that the MWC2019 is just around the corner, this could only be Nokia 1 Plus. We still need to see what the exact name of the device will be since HMD stated they are abandoning the Plus naming scheme. This could turn out to be a nice entry-level smartphone, especially if the GO version of Android gets better with new updates.