Six Nokia phones certified in Russia

With such a huge load of unannounced Nokia phone models popping up on various certification sites around the world, it is now getting difficult to track them all. To make things more complicated, six new Nokia phone models were certified by the Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC) and approved for the Russian market along with their spare parts on September 17th.

These devices carry the model numbers TA-1288, TA-1322, TA-1332, TA-1334, TA-1337, and TA-1341. Since the EEC certifications are known for not revealing anything more than the model numbers, everything about these devices is left for guesswork, until and unless these devices show up on some other certification sites with more details.

Now, there are seven other devices with model numbers TA-1243, TA-1272, TA-1276, TA-1283, TA-1294, TA-1303, and TA-1312 that were certified by EEC on August 10th. The devices that we know from this lot are the TA-1283, which is one of the variants of the Nokia 3.4 and the TA-1243, a variant of the Nokia 8.3 5G. Also, the Nokia 2.4 (TA-1270) was certified by EEC back in July. Other than that, the TA-1272 and TA-1276 models were recently certified by Thailand’s NBTC too.

Let alone the other certification sites, more than ten unannounced Nokia phone models, not necessarily ten new phones, were certified by EEC in the past two months. This possibly means that we will be seeing more than what we were expecting till now, and if not, then as per the leaks, we are expecting at least the Nokia 2.4, Nokia 3.4, Nokia 225 4G, and Nokia 215 4G.

Not to be forgotten, there are some new accessories like the Nokia Power Earbuds Lite (BH-405), which will come in Blue, Grey, and White colors, and the Nokia 18W Fast Car and Wall Chargers. The launch event is on Tuesday, September 22, and since it is yet another a virtual event, Nokia Mobile will probably share the links tomorrow for the premier.

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